Tetra Con Brio

cast bronze, structural steel, travertine concrete
12.5′h x 12′w x 8.5′d

see press: Washington Post Gazette
see press: Palo Alto Almanac

Selected through a national juried competition as the signature work of art in front of the Strathmore Hall Arts Center near Washington DC, Tetra Con Brio originated through the evolution of a series of earlier works.

The design for the Strathmore Center started as a flat pattern, influenced by the principles of the Sonata Form of musical composition.
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In this pattern, the underlying geometric grids act as a visual scaffold to contain the random chaos of the arced sculptural forms. It is the interplay between the ordered Apollonian and uninhibited Dionysian forces that invigorate the piece. When the pattern was taken from the computer to the studio, the musical analogy transitioned from the formal method inherent in the Sonata Form to a more spontaneous approach closer to jazz.

Through improvisational bending, torquing, twisting and breaking of the ordered pattern, a dynamic tension between the pure integrity of tetrahedral geometry and the emotionally intuitive process was fused into the final work.

The Music Center was built by the State of Maryland and Montgomery County. The $100 million center for the arts, which features a 2000 seat concert hall, held its inaugural concert February 2005. The 7-story, 186,000 square foot building was designed by the firm William Rawn Associates.