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Medallions: the making of

the making of

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    1. The newly cast bronze is removed, destroying the sand mold; sand still clings to the surface.
  • 2
    2. “Waterfall” during the finishing process: grinders are used to surface the metal, relsulting in rough and polished texture.
  • 3
    3. During the patina process, a deep black is applied and washed. Detail:”Pond”
  • 4
    4. After the patina is finished, many coats of wax are applied to protect and deepen the visual appearance. Detail: “Hotspring”
  • 5

    5. Designer Tom Keegan works on the wood patterns from which sand molds will be made for casting the bronze.

    6. By ramming clay-like sand over the pattern, the mold is created. Here, the bottom half of the sand mold is shown with the finished pattern for “Ocean”.

    7. As Stoller applies a multi-layered patina to a section of “Hotspring”, the liquid chemicals instantly steam off upon hitting the hot metal, impregnating the bronze with rich, transparent color.